Ministries and Groups


CALLING ALL CREATIVES!!!  Do you need a creative outlet and want to share the hopeful message of love and salvation with others?  Then this is the group for you.  Writers, Actors, Set Designers, etc.  Don't delay, answer "A CALL to TEACH through STORIES".

Comfort Care Group

Death of a loved one is very hard.  The questions that swirl often times are difficult.  But you do not have to seek out the answers alone.  Let’s connect for a special time of learning and comfort.  Comfort and Care is available for all that desire it.  It’s a long let’s travel it together.  

Couples Group

CALLING ALL COUPLES!!!!  It’s that time again to talk about relationship, have serious discussions, all while goofing off a bit.  Grab your books, bring some food...and don’t forget your loved one. 

Health & Wellness Group

Are you looking for ways to change your eating habits or want to learn how to make health and beauty items the natural way?  Make make plans to get involved with this ministry group.

Homeless Outreach

As we canvas the community for those that are in need, help us to fill bags of blessings and help those that need hope.  

Men's Meeting

Our regularly scheduled monthly Men’s Meeting is back on track.  Fellas, we hope to see you there to discuss the items that pertain to the local congregation.

Men's Prayer Group

Guys, plan to come on out and join us for a time of prayer.

Sisters of Love

Ladies, make plans to come out for a time of learning and fellowship.  It all starts, here at the building, at 3pm.



10:30am..........Bible Study
11:45am..........Worship Service

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Most Wednesday Evenings Starting at 7