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As a Christian and member of the Church of Christ here in the "Gardens", we must realize that the beauty of our "Mission" has already been defined by God. We have no need to sit and postulate on what our life's purpose will be. God's affection toward mankind has always been known, and he seeks his children to share in kind undying love for him.  Each of us may choose to pursue this "mission" in different ways, but we all must live for the same purpose: to Please, Glorify and Honor God.


As Christians, here at the Springfield Gardens Church of Christ, our "Mission" is to Know, Love and Serve God with all of our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength (Deut. 6:15; Mt. 22:37-39).


Every first day of the week, we gather to Study, Worship, and Remember.  We study through Bible based classes.  We worship through prayer, and a cappella singing.  We remember through the taking of the Lord's Supper.  


But Worship does not end after the closing prayer.  It continues on through service.  Through many various ministries, we strive to show the depth of the love that Our Father in Heaven has shown us.  Whether it be in studies, service projects, or a gracious smile, we must extend the offer of great love to all we meet.

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